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erpictorial – one place to design your

logo, affordable WordPress website and all marketing materials




Life Coach and Self-Improvement Consultant




Personal Coach and Therapist




Healthcare Consulting and Clinical Counseling Firm




Ballet Studio



Personal Blog on Decorating, Gardening and Designs




Artist’s Portfolio



website FAQ:


It simply depends on what you need for your website to do.


How many pages and how many  adds on will you need?
Adds-on: plugins which perform specific tasks like e-commerce, event planners, complex forms, calendars, etc…

If you contact me we can discuss your specific requirements, and come up with an estimate.

Because people change their mind, or other circumstances make them to drop projects I require partial payments for my work. Estimated price is broken into three parts and as we progress with website I bill for each stage. The whole process of billing and design is explain on tab: Design Process in Website FAQ. Please keep in mind that I design your website directly on IP server so you can preview your website in browser and all files stay on your IP server.

A basic business website averages at $600.
Design Process

I design your website directly on your IP server so you can preview your website in browser and give me feedback on changes.

Average business website can be design within 4 to 8 weeks. Mostly it is about how long it takes for you to figure out what you want and to provide me with content for all pages.

1. I will ask you for links to websites you like, or websites which have some elements you like.

2. I will interview you about your target audience.

3. If you have a logo I will need it upfront for selecting colors and fonts for your site.
If requested, I also design logo together with website. For a logo which accompany website design order  I charge $200. All my designs are original and can be trademarked. The logo is in format which makes it scalable – it looks good both on websites as well as in small or large print. Together with your logo I will provide you with a Style Guide. This will specify fonts and colors used in the logo.
4. I design homepage which will give you basic feel for entire website (layout, colors, fonts and structure will be visible on this page). This is when we also start SEO for website.
For customers who cannot provide photos I can offer high quality Public Domain images free for commercial use. I also have access to very inexpensive stock photography.
At this stage I require 1/3 of estimated price.
5. I gather feedback form you and we continue designing most of the pages. We add and design all necessary plug-ins. When we have most of it done I require another 1/3 of estimated price.
6. I design remaining pages and perform tests on plug-ins performance. We also finish SEO and I submit your website to search engines. I perform one backup for entire website after we finish design. Final bill is sent to you at that point.
Website Maintenance

I will gladly  maintain your website so you can have time for things which matter to you…

Maintenance fee is $20 per hour. This includes unlimited website updates to text, images, links, multimedia, changing colors and if required monthly  backup of your your website.

For backups I highly recommend managed WordPress hosting (company will optimize your site for performance, make sure that your site is secure, and keep regular backups).


I do not offer backup of your website on regular basis. I perform one backup for entire website after we finish design.

I highly recommend managed WordPress hosting ( company will optimize your site for performance, make sure that your site is secure, and keep regular backups).


Why WordPress?

Because it makes website affordable for you and in addition if you desire you can use WordPress to maintain your site on your own. I offer training to my customers. This allows you to update your pages and blog by yourself.

Even though I use WordPress DIVI theme (multi-purpose theme designed by http://www.elegantthemes.com)  I customize all websites, so each is unique and reflects the customer’s identity.

Need to know more about WordPress? Check this website https://wordpress.org/.

Web Hosting

I do not offer web hosting but I will guide you through the process of acquiring domain name and web hosting plan.

I highly recommend managed WordPress hosting ( company will optimize your site for performance, make sure that your site is secure, and keep regular backups) but since it cost more it is up to you.

Here is good article on “How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?” with list of reliable WordPress web hosting providers.


All sites will have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) setup.

I do not offer monthly SEO maintenance though. Lets be honest here, if you want to win this game first you need exceptional content (professional copywriter  can write this one for you), than hire someone who “eats and breaths” SEO – rules change on monthly basis. Lastly you need to invest into marketing  – here I can be of help designing for your advertising campaigns, social media and online ads, etc…

Responsive (mobile friendly) Design
I use WordPress DIVI theme ( multi-purpose theme designed by http://www.elegantthemes.com ).
Divi uses fully responsive design – it will adjust to your visitor’s screen.



emiHello, my name is Emi Ryan. I specialize in logo, print and WordPress website design.
I have extensive experience working with a variety of individuals from a variety of industries such as: hospitals, research institutes, private foundations, newspapers, magazines, start-up businesses, authors and individual business owners. I love the challenge of portraying businesses exactly how they want to be seen. I will put my skills to work to design something unique for your company.
I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Printing from the Technical University in Warsaw, Poland.  I moved to the US and quickly gained more experience as a graphic designer working for several companies. I realized I was well-suited to start my own freelance business while living in Washington, DC.  My freelance work followed me to Dayton, OH and recently to Boise, ID my current location, where I live with my husband and two daughters.
In my spare time I enjoy hiking, knitting and creating my own art. Please feel free to check my résumé for detail about my education and past jobs. I look forward to hearing from you!